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Air Conditioning

Shop our selection of high-quality brands of auto air conditioning DIY maintenance products to perform your own car AC recharge. If you're looking for an auto AC refrigerant, AC gauge, AC leak detector dye, AC drying agent, compressor boosters (refrigerant oil), or even a complete car refrigerant replacement kit, you've come to the right place.

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  • Product Image ZeroR Permafrost
  • Product Image ZeroR Max Seal
  • Product Image ZeroR Max Seal Single Can
  • Can tap hose and gauge
  • R1234YF Refrigerant support Kit 
  • ZeroR® R1234YF UV Dye Leak Detector - 1 Cans
  • ZRMD4 1 can MAX DRY
  • ZeroR® Universal AC Refrigerant - R134a Replacement - 3 Cans
  • Honeywell r1234YF Refrigerant One Can

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A/C Charging AND Refrigerant

Shop our selection of high-quality brands of Auto Air Conditioning DIY maintenance products. If you’re getting ready to do an auto ac recharge and looking for an auto AC refrigerant, AC gauge, dye leak detector, AC drying agent, compressor boosters (refrigerant oil), or a complete car ac recharge kit, we’ll make sure you find the best solution, for your car.

Choosing the best AC recharge product brands? Not a problem!

At DiY Parts, we do a careful ac recharge product selection process to find the right brand products that represent a mixture of price and quality for your ac recharge project. That goes for our ac recharge individual or car ac recharge kits products too. We’ve found over the years that one of the main reasons people do their own DIY auto air-conditioning maintenance and care is to save money, usually when it’s hot outside, but they don’t want to buy inferior products. They also don’t want to have any expensive problems caused by low-quality ac recharge products that they took a chance on. They need high-performance ac recharge products the first time around, at the right price. Those products are out there, but who has the time or the money to try them all and form firsthand opinions on the best performers at the best prices? We do.

Wherever we can, we provide useful how-to information to use with your ac recharge project. Topics like, how to recharge your cars ac step by step, which refrigerant you can safely use with your car, the tools you’ll need, and any other resource information, wherever it may be found, to give you everything you’ll need to successfully improve that air conditioning performance because we know you’re depending on us!

Experience makes all the difference.

DiY Parts uses decades of experience in the car air conditioning and car ac recharge industries to make informed selections of car ac recharge product brands that hit the sweet spot between cost and quality so you’ll know you’re not wasting your time or your money. Our auto ac refrigerant, compressor oil, leak detector dye, system sealant, gauges, and hoses are made by brands that you can have faith in, brands like Honeywell and our own house brand, ZeroR®.

ZeroR® AC recharge products were intentionally created to provide you the best of both worlds: cost savings and performance. They are made right here in the USA and we provide free shipping to the USA. We’ve gone all out to be competitive and pass that advantage on to you, the do-it-yourself mechanic. We invite you to browse our ac recharge products and become another satisfied DiY Parts customer.