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ZeroR® Air Conditioning R1234YF Refrigerant Support Fluids AC Repair Kit – (4 Items)


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  • The package contains what you need to get your vehicle air cold again.
  • 1 can ZeroR® R1234YF_ AC Max Sealant – fix any small leaks you system might have
  • 1 can ZeroR® R1234YF_ AC Max Dry – Take the corrosive causing moisture out of your system
  • 1 can ZeroR® R1234YF AC Oil charge – lubrication to keep things running smoothly
  • 1 R134_ can tap recharge hose to R1234_ low port connection on your vehicle. This is a heavy duty brass recharge hose can tap with gauge.

These can all have R-134 threaded connection so a R134 can tap is included. Remember that the R1234YF Refrigerant you are using with this has a left hand threaded connection so this tap doesn’t work on the R1234YF refrigerant can. loss of refrigerant will most likely occur if you try to us this on refrigerant cans

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