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ZeroR® Top Off Kit #3 – Genuine 8oz R1234YF Refrigerant (3 Cans) & HD Brass Can Tap with Gauge…


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#3 TOP OFF KIT – This kit contains a 12″ R1234YF HD Brass Can Tap with Gauge & 3 cans of R1234YF. 3+ cans is best for large systems and to have extra on hand, 1 can is only enough to fill a slightly low system and 2 cans should fill the majority of empty systems.
 – GENUINE R1234YF – GENUINE R1234YF – This product is genuine and is purchased directly from the manufacturer in the USA. This product should only be used in R1234YF system. Please check the service sticker on your system and/or vehicle to identify the system type.
 – 8OZ CANS – Cans are 8oz net weight. Gas is measured in weight when compressed. Please don’t shake the can and think “this doesn’t feel full”. It is, we promise. Different gases have different weights when compressed. R134a is 12oz in this can, ZeroR AC Refrigerant is 6oz in this can, all are 100% full.
– SSV CANS – These are Self Sealing cans which are all 50 state compliant and will allow you to save unused gas for future use.

Weight 47 oz
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