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ZeroR® Genuine R134a Refrigerant Stop Leak Repair and AC Recharge Kit, Made in USA – (6 Items)


ZeroR® Genuine R134a Refrigerant Leak Repair and Recharge Kit – Refrigerant Cans, Stop Leak, Oil Charge, Max Dry, Heavy Duty Brass Can Tap with Gauge



(3) ZeroR® AC Refrigerant R134 Can. Only genuine R-134a!

(1) ZeroR® Max Dry -Removes moisture, prevents corrosion, extends system life.

(1) ZeroR® Max Seal – Repairs all metal and rubber AC components, the best we offer!

(1) ZeroR® Oil Charge – Keeps your system lubricated and running smooth. Note, if you have flushed your system or replaced AC system components, you will need more oil. (1) ZeroR® Heavy Duty Brass Can Tap & Gauge – Highest quality and should be the only tap you ever need.


 Genuine R-134a refrigerant that is Made in the USA to meet purity standards.

 Max Seal Forms a hard seal on metal, schrader valves, o’rings, gaskets, a/c condensers, evaporators, line sets and solder joints. Repairs minor leaks in home, heat pump, and auto applications. Installs the same way as refrigerant and cannot be added to fully charged systems.

 BRAND – The brand and label of refrigerant shipped when purchased could vary but will always meet the same quality standards and will be made in the USA. Shipping different brands allows us to source the best price for our customers.

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LEAK REPAIR & RECHARGE: This kit is best used in AC systems with a known leak that is empty or very low on refrigerant. Contains our very best leak sealer and all the support fluids needed to keep your system running strong for years to come. Please comply to all laws and regulations when working with AC systems and chemicals. Refrigerant, Stop Leak, Oil Charge, Max Dry, Heavy Duty Brass Can Tap with Gauge