ZeroR® A/C UV Dye Leak Detector R134 R12 R22 – 3 Cans


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ZeroR® Refrigerant with Dye is fully compatible with mineral-pag-ester oils and is specifically designed to assist you in locating air conditioning leaks that may occur in your air conditioning system. A precisely selected color highly concentrated UV dye (fluorescent yellow) is utilized and allows the dye to be highly visible. In most cases, the dye may be seen with the naked eye. However, the use of a blacklight as well as UV glasses does make it much more visible. This dye is the same color as the dye that auto makers currently use in automobile A/C systems. ZeroR® Refrigerant with Dye 2 oz. product–connects to regular system with a 134a tap

  • ZeroR® UV Dye Leak Detector 1 Can is enough dye for a full size auto or truck
  • Can has R134a thread on can top
  • For use in automotive applications ZeroR® UV Dye Leak Detector is fully compatible with mineral, ester and pag oils. 
  • Highly concentrated dye (fluorescent yellow) works best with the use of a black light and UV glasses
  • Same color dye that most auto makers inject into the vehicle when new

Additional information

Weight 22.2 oz


AC Type

R12, R134a, R22


UV Dye