ZeroR® R1234YF PERMAFROST AC Performance Booster – 3 Cans


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Compatible with any R1234YF Additives and Systems

Drying agent Colder air Longer life A/C Booster This product is a combination of 2 ZeroR® products into 1 for maximum cooling performance. This will remove moisture in the A/C system. Moisture can cause corrosion in the A/C system or the A/C to malfunction. The other part of the product will reduce friction in system and provide colder air duct temps in most cases.

  • Improves A/C System System Performance by Increasing Heat Transfer
  • Designed to Enhance and Extend New and Old Systems
  • ZeroR® Permafrost contains a highly polar molecule that works synergistically with compressor oil to improve the performance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems by increasing heat transfer in the condenser and evaporator coils.
  • ZeroR® Permafrost polarized molecule bonds to the metal inside system by removing the insulated buildup of oil and forming a conductive layer to improve heat transfer.
  • Can threads are standard R134 but Installation requires a ZeroR® Z134 to R-1234YF Can Tap and Gauge

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