ZeroR MAX SEAL AC Leak Stop for R134a & R12 – Patches Metal & Rubber! – 6 Cans

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18 in stock

18 in stock


Designed to repair minor leaks in the evaporator, condenser, connecting fittings and metal lines. MaxSeal was designed to save the consumer the burden of costly repairs in the form of replacement parts and expensive service labor. MaxSeal can be used in all air-conditioning systems.
The 4 ounce aerosol can contains enough MaxSeal to repair small leaks in 3 or 4lb a/c systems.
4 oz. product–hooks to regular system with a 134a tap

  • Max Seal repairs minor leaks in mobile a/c systems, seals leaks in evaporators, condensers, fittings and metal lines
  • Works on most mobile applications including automotive, campers, semi tractor trailers, combines, thrashers, agriculture applications
  • For best results use ZeroR Max Dry BEFORE using Max Seal
  • Compatible with Mineral, Ester, or PAG Oils. DO NOT use in ammonia systems

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