ZeroR R1234YF Oil Charge Compressor Booster – 6 Cans

Code: 6-ZR1234YFOC


15 in stock

15 in stock


A blend of selected oils that have been formulated to provide the extra oil needed when an air conditioning unit loses the oil charge due to leaks or malfunctions in the system. Compatible with R1234YF additives and systems.

  • 6 Cans of ZeroR R1234YF Oil Charge 
  • 3 oz Cans with ratio of 1 oz. of Oil and 2 oz of Propellant
  • Can threads are standard R134 but Installation requires a ZeroR Z134 to R-1234YF Can Tap and Gauge
  • Oil charge is perfect for the single use and may be used in R1234YF Systems  
  • Must be used in non-backflow device hose (should be able to blow through each end of hose)

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