ZeroR Z134 Vehicle AC Refrigerant Replacement with Dye – 6 Cans

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955 in stock


ZeroR™ Refrigerant with Dye is made of only the Most Pure, Quality, Refined ingredients available today.

ZeroR™ Refrigerant with Dye is different, because it is highly refined! ZeroR does not contain the “rotten egg, sulfur, propane” odor. ZeroR™ Refrigerant with Dye is a non-ozone depleting product and is completely safe for the environment.

EPA does not recognize this product as an “R12 Replacement”. The EPA requires we state: “Flammable to open flame or spark. Proceed with caution if used in a system designed for non-flammable refrigerants.” But know that all refrigerants have a flammability rating, including R-134a.

  • 6 Cans ZeroR Z134
  • ZeroR Z134 is an R-134a replacement. Z134 is a natural non ozone depleting formula unlike R-134a that is being phased out.
  • Z134 is a 6 oz can equal to 16 oz of R-134a. Z134 has a higher operating pressure which requires less liquid. See our conversion chart for more information.
  • ZeroR Z134 is a flammable product but is safe to use and will not cause your A/C system any harm.
  • Cans have the same thread as R-134a cans making all tools interchangeable.
  • Contains less than 1% of non uv dye and is not significant enough to leak test a system.

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