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ZeroR AC PRO Quick Charge Kit – 14oz R134a, 3oz R134a with Stop Leak & Red Dye, Can Tap & Gauge


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  • KIT CONTENTS: ACP R134a Refrigerant 14oz Can. (1) Stop Leak – Repairs all metal and rubber AC components, the best we offer! (1) ZeroR Plastic Can Tap w/ Gauge – Perfect for the weekend mechanic!
  • Genuine R-134a refrigerant that is Made in the USA to meet purity standards.
  • Stop Leak Seal Forms a hard seal on metal, schrader valves, o’rings, gaskets, ac condensers, evaporators, line sets and solder joints. Repairs minor leaks in home, heat pump, and auto applications. Installs the same way as refrigerant_ and cannot be added to fully charged systems.
  • Complies with Section 612 of EPA Regulation Clean Air Act

Genuine Interdynamics / Quest #307 – “Quick And Easy R-134a PLUS” 14oz can – “Complete A/C Tune Up, All In One Can”

Each 14oz can contains:

  • 11 oz of R-134a Refrigerant
  • 2.5 oz of PAG oil to lubricate
  • 0.5 oz of Cool Down™ to improve cooling
  • plus an O-Ring conditioner, Stop-Leak, and red dye 
Weight 31 oz