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ZeroR® Quick R134a Replacement, AC Refrigerant Performance Booster Kit – (3 Items)


ZeroR® R134a Quick Booster Kit. When you want your A/C systems to work at its best. Boost and Maximize the cold air. Refrigerant, Air Enhancer, Can Tap & Gauge



(1) ZeroR® AC Refrigerant Replacement Can. Better than genuine R-134a!

(1) ZeroR® Permafrost performance Booster. Improves A/C Systems Performance by Increasing Heat Transfer.

(1) ZeroR® Plastic Can Tap & Gauge – Perfect for the weekend mechanic


 ZeroR® Refrigerant is made of only the Most Pure, Quality, Refined ingredients available today. Non Ozone depleting. Non Global warming, Made in America!

 ZeroR® Refrigerant is different because it is highly refined! ZeroR® does not contain the “rotten egg, sulfur, propane” odor. ZeroR® Refrigerant is completely safe for the environment.

 Cans have same thread and dimensions as the standard R-134a cans; ZeroR® 6oz. cans are equal to 16oz of R-134a and 18oz of R12.

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ZeroR® R134a Refrigerant is highly refined and does not contain the “rotten egg, sulfur, propane odor. The products we market have been perfected over the years, and are pharmaceutical grade, highly refined and computer blended to within 1/4 of 1% by a major American petrochemical supplier. This means our products are consistent each and every time our customers use them!