Diesly PRO Warranty


Diesel enthusiasts know that the key to a long-lasting powertrain is regular maintenance with quality parts. DIESLY branded parts are specifically designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications to give you the high level of performance you need without breaking the bank. Our DIESLY PRO® series takes that to the next level with a limited lifetime warranty on your fuel injection system. See our warranty information below for additional terms and conditions.

If you have already purchased a Diesly Pro product you can register your product here.

Vehicle Compatibility

2010-2021 Dodge / Ram 6.7L Cummins Engine

Service Intervals

15,000 miles or 12 Months

Part Number Required and Interchange with

Diesly # DP6700DF Required – Interchange 68157291AA – 2010-2021 Engine Mount Fuel Filter

Diesly # DP6701DF Required – Interchange 68197867AA – 2013-2018 Frame Mounted Fuel / Water Separator

Diesly # DP6711DF Required – Interchange 68436631AA – 2019-2021 Frame Mounted Fuel / Water Separator

DIESLY PRO Limited Lifetime Warranty

When you use the DIESLY PRO series fuel filters on your vehicle we ensure the highest quality by offering a limited lifetime warranty on your fuel injection system.

The Following Terms and Conditions Apply:

General Disclaimer:

This Limited Warranty is extended to the original “Purchaser” only, any may not be transferred or assigned to a subsequent purchaser of the product or vehicle. This Limited Warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and other obligations or liabilities on the part of Diy Parts, Inc.  This Limited Warranty sets your exclusive remedies with respect to the products covered.  Diy Parts, Inc. does not assume, nor authorize any other person to assume for it, any other liability in connection with the sale of Diy Parts, Inc. products. Diy Parts, Inc. makes no warranty whatsoever in respect to accessories or parts not supplied by this manufacturer. Diy Parts, Inc. does not assume any responsibility for incidental or consequential damages.  Final warranty determinations shall be the exclusive decision of Diy Parts, Inc.  As used in this Limited Warranty, “Purchaser” shall be deemed to mean only that person for whom any Diy Parts, Inc. was originally purchased.

Limited Warranty Coverage:

 The Vehicle’s Manufacturer Warranty will be utilized first above any other warranty offering or coverage.  If the Vehicle’s Manufacturer Warranty is void, Diy Parts, Inc.’s Limited Warranty shall be the exclusive remedy for any product defect or failure.  To qualify for the coverage, you must, within thirty (30) days of purchase, register your warranty on the warranty registration page of DiYparts.com/Diesly. Failure to properly register will void any warranty coverage. All Vehicles must complete a minimum of one (1) full mileage cycle on DIESLY PRO fuel filters or twelve (12) months from registration, whichever is lesser, to qualify for warranty coverage

The Limited Warranty is limited to those parts for which fuel travels continuously after the fuel passes through all filtration but ending once it leaves the fuel injection system. The Fuel Rail System includes, and is limited to:

              • Fuel Rail

              • 6.7L CP3 Pump High pressure injector pump

              • 6.7L Stock Injectors 6 x

              • Fuel Injection Lines 6 x

              • High Pressure Connector tubes 6 X

All work and inspection of vehicle and parts must be done by certified professionals, and proper paperwork including the receipt with business name will be required.

This Limited Warranty does not include:

  • Fuel system components prior to filtration, including, but not limited to, in-tank pumps;
  • Fuel system components after leaving the fuel injection system, including, but not limited to, motor internals;
  • Normal wear and tear of products;
  • Products damaged due to environmental conditions including rain, snow, hail, salt, or natural disasters;
  • Products damaged due to accident or collision;
  • Labor costs to replace parts;
  • Modified fuel systems;
  • Failures resulting from the customer’s improper installation or application;
  • Misuse or abuse, failure to follow the product instructions or failure to perform preventative maintenance;
  • Aftermarket fuel system components;
  • OEM parts that were previously remanufactured other than the ones provided by Diy Parts, Inc.;
  • Parts that the fuel does not encounter, including, but not limited to, injector electrical components.

Diy Parts, Inc. reserves the right to change the availability of this Limited Warranty at our discretion, but any changes will not be retroactive.

Claims Processing:

You must notify Diy Parts, Inc. in writing of any defect covered by the warranty within thirty (30) days after discovering such defect.  This may be done by completing the claim form at https://diyparts.com/warranty-registration/. Any claim for breach of the warranty not made within thirty (30) days of discovering the defect shall be deemed to be waived.  Upon notice of the defect, Diy Parts, Inc. shall review the claim, which may take up to thirty (30) days.  Once approved, customer will be required to (a) return the product, which must be packed in the original packing, and shipped to:

Diy Parts, Inc.

3503 Holts Chapel Road

Greensboro, NC 27401

and, (b) include a deposit in the amount of the retail price for replacement parts, for which replacement parts will be sent to customer, immediately.

Upon receipt of the part, Diy Parts, Inc., or its subsidiaries and assigns, shall have the right to inspect, test, and discover any defects. Following inspection, which may take up to sixty (60) calendar days, if the claim is justified, the customer’s deposit shall be returned.  In the event that the defect is not covered under warranty, upon notice from Diy Parts, Inc., or its subsidiaries and assigns, customer will have five (5) business days to either (a) forfeit the deposit paid or (b) return the replacement part, at which time DIY Parts, Inc. shall return the original part to the customer, along with the deposit, less shipping fees. In the event that customer fails to respond within five (5) business days, Diy Parts, Inc. shall destroy the original part, and customer will automatically forfeit the deposit paid.

Dispute Resolution:

With respect to the Limited Warranty and the “Limitations” set forth above, any adverse controversy or claim to the Purchaser arising from a Diy Parts, Inc. final determination shall be settled exclusively by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration Rules, or as otherwise agreed to by Diy Parts, Inc. and the Purchaser, pertaining to any said final determination by Diy Parts, Inc.  There shall be one arbitrator, the place of arbitration shall occur in Greensboro, North Carolina, and North Carolina law shall apply.  Judgment on any award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.