ZeroR® R134a Can to R1234YF Port Can Tap with Gauge

ZeroR® R134a Can to R1234YF Port Can Tap with Gauge


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ZeroR R134a Can to R1234YF Port Can Tap with Gauge. Connects to any R-134a Can and any R1234YF equipped vehicle’s low side service port:

  • CONNECTIONS – This tap is designed to connect to R-134a style threaded cans to R1234YF vehicles. This will NOT connect to R1234YF threaded cans. This product is intended for ZeroR R1234YF support fluids such as Oil Charge, Max Seal, Max Dry and UV Dye.
  • TAP ALL CAN TYPES – The plunger on this tap is pointed and will pierce all can types. While it will work on Self Sealing Valve (SSV) cans it is recommended to use a newer SSV style can tap for those products. All ZeroR R1234YF support fluids are non SSV cans.
  • NOT FOR R134a GAS – Do not install R134a gas-based products into an R1234YF system. This product was intended to use to install ZeroR R1234YF support fluids into R1234YF systems.
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