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ZeroR® R134a Can to R1234YF Port Can Tap with Gauge


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ZeroR® R134a Can to R1234YF Port Can Tap with Gauge. Connects to any R-134a Can and any R1234YF equipped vehicle’s low side service port:

  • CONNECTIONS – This tap is designed to connect to R-134a style threaded cans to R1234YF vehicles. This will NOT connect to R1234YF threaded cans. This product is intended for ZeroR® R1234YF support fluids such as Oil Charge, Max Seal, Max Dry and UV Dye.
  • TAP ALL CAN TYPES – The plunger on this tap is pointed and will pierce all can types. While it will work on Self Sealing Valve (SSV) cans it is recommended to use a newer SSV style can tap for those products. All ZeroR® R1234YF support fluids are non SSV cans.
  • NOT FOR R134a GAS – Do not install R134a gas-based products into an R1234YF system. This product was intended to use to install ZeroR® R1234YF support fluids into R1234YF systems.
Weight 9.5 oz
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