A/C PRO R-134a Hybrid Vehicle 3oz A/C Compressor Oil Charge HYB-2


  • Specially formulated for R-134a AC hybrid electric compressor
  • Dielectric formula that maintains leakage voltage to the compressor box
  • Superior compressor wear and lubricity protection
  • Compatible with factory lubricants ND-11 for Toyota and 38899RCJA01 for Honda Specifications
  • Capacity: 3 oz
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ZeroR, Air Conditioning Products.

Hybrid Vehicle Compressor Oil Charge may be used in any hybrid R134a automotive air conditioning system.

Part number, HYB-2

Each can contains 2 oz. hybrid vehicle compressor lubricant, and 1 oz. of R134A refrigerant.

3 oz. Can

HYBRID A/C Compressor Oil Charge

Synthetic lubricant

For use in Electric Hybrid Mobile A/C Compressors

For use in hybrid vehicles with R134a refrigerant.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 in

AC Additives

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