Instructions For Use of All ZeroR AC Refrigerant Kits

DISCLAIMERS: It is the customers responsibility to comply with all Federal, State and Local laws when
purchasing, handling, and installing refrigerants. Please use safety equipment such as, but not limited to, safety glasses and cold resistant gloves while working with refrigerants. Products that are flammable should be stored, handled and used in a safe manner and be kept away from any ignition source. See individual product cans for addition instructions. The U.S.A. EPA prohibits the mixing of ANY refrigerants, though the majority of the world does not have any such restrictions.

ZeroR Product Installation Sequence

  1. ZeroR UV Dye (Leak Detector)
  2. ZeroR Max Dry (Moisture Remover)
  3. ZeroR Max Seal (Stop Leak)
  4. ZeroR Oil Charge (Lubricant)
  5. ZeroR Permafrost (Performance Booster)
  6. ZeroR AC Refrigerant

Before You Begin

  • Note: If your AC system is 100% void of refrigerant it may cause the compressor to not engage which is required when installing refrigerant. You may need to “jump start” the compressor to get it to pull in the refrigerant when it comes time for Step 7. This is a fairly simple process with only a small piece of insulated wire being needed. Check YouTube to help on how to do this for details, ideally with your specific vehicle.
  • Overcharged System: Take care not to overcharge the system. In the event of an overcharge, turn your vehicle off and attach and empty or low refrigerant can to your cap. Connect the tap to the low side port with the can right side up (not upside down like when installing) and the piercing valve backed all the way out (counter clockwise). When you do this with the vehicle off, refrigerant will backfeed into the can, thereby removing some from the system. After some refrigerant is removed, rotate the piercing valve back into the fully closed position (clockwise), turn the vehicle on and read the gauge. Repeat the process until the desired level of refrigerant is achieved. Double check the reading with a new, unpierced can attached to the can tap for a more accurate reading.

Installation Process

Read ALL instructions BEFORE beginning installation to familiarize yourself with the process.

  1. Locate the low side A/C Port. All cans will be installed on the low side port. The low side port will often have a cap with the letter “L” on it and is usually located on the larger of the aluminum tubes coming from the compressor. Additionally, the can tap will only connect properly to the Low side port, it will not secure to the high side due to being a different size.
  2. Attach your first can of product to the can tap by rotating clockwise, but be sure not to puncture the can. The piercing valve should be rotated counterclockwise until it stops to ensure the puncture valve is all the in the “open” position and will not contact the can.
  3. Start the vehicle and adjust the AC control to it’s maximum cool setting or lowest climate temperature.
  4. Connect the can tap to low side port.
  5. Read the gauge as the compressor cycles on and off for a few minutes. If at any point the needle drops below the acceptable range, it may be an indication that refrigerant is needed.
  6. If refrigerant is needed, refer to the can installation sequence chart above. Not all products are required or are included with every kit. Simply follow the sequence for whatever you purchased.
  7. With your can tap connected to the vehicle and your first can of product attached, turn the can upside down. All ZeroR products will be installed in this position. Now turn piercing valve clockwise until it stops, then slowly turn it back counterclockwise until the refrigerant begins to enter the system. Indicators that this is happening include the can getting cold, the sound of the A/C compressor may change and the can will begin to feel lighter as the product leaves.
  8. Continue adding cans of product from the recommended sequence until the gauge consistently registers within the acceptable range.

Final Thoughts

  • All ZeroR branded products use a natural gas that is environmentally friendly. This gas can be released into the atmosphere without harm or any legal repercussions.

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